About us

Godshill Orchards is a unique part of the Isle of Wight community, and contributes massively to the neighbouring areas. We have a lot of history, some of which you can learn about on this page! If you would like to delve deeper into the Godshill Orchards lineage, consider checking out The Compleat Cherry book, written by current owner Robert Medway.

How Godshill Orchards came to be...

In 2003 the husbandry of the enterprise passed in to the hands of the Medway family. The medway family came originally from West Wight, where Reginald Davis Medway and Edward Medway were well known names as master builder and church warden.

The venture was conceived, planned & implemented by two well known, distinguished entrepreneurs in 1992, Steve Jaggers of St. Lawrence & Graham Smith of Ventnor.

Godshill today

The present owners have formed a partnership with the Pierce family and continue to improve the proud record of cherry production on the island.

Godshill Orchards make a small, but significant, contribution to the island economy. The orchard consists of 4000 trees and varieties including Colney, Hertford, Kordia, Regina, Lapins, Merton Merchant, Merton Glory, Stella, Summit and Sunburst.

Award Finalist Rural Food & Drink and Rural Tourism (2023)

Our Cherry Lodge B&B has been host to plenty of happy visitors over the last year, and has even been nominated for awards based on the stunning experience it offers.

Our vision

"Godshill Orchards seeks to produce excellent fresh fruit & complimentary products by honest endeavour, working in harmony with God, nature and the local community."

- The Compleat Cherry by R.W. Medway B.Ed.